Tuesday November 4th: Bart Schermer attends at TekTok late night

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30 October, 2014

On Tuesday November 4th, Bart Schermer (partner at Considerati) will be guest speaker at TekTok late night. Issues that usually do not leave the conference rooms will be discussed in an informal manner at TekTok late night. TekTok takes place at the Paard van Troje in The Hague.

Upcoming Tuesday, Bart Schermer has been invited to talk about a new privacy consumer research. Questions like “How many sacrifices are consumers willing to make for their privacy?” and “What do consumer expect when they provide personal data?” will be answered. Additionally, topics like consumer trust, personal data & telecom operators, hacking and safe browsing will be addressed at TekTok late night.

TekTok late night on November 4th is part of ‘Alert online’, a weeklong national campaign to raise more awareness on the subject of cybersecurity. Other attendees will be Evelien Sauren (UPC Netherlands), Rence Damming (KPN), Nico Dammers (City Wireless), Wilma van Dijk (National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism), Jacqueline Prins (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and Marjolijn Bonthuis (ECP).

What: TekTok late night with Bart Schermer
Where: Paard van Troje, The Hague
When: November 4th Time: 20:00 – 22:00
Entrance: free
Application: send an e-mail to dinsdag@tektok.nl
More information: www.tektok.nl

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