“Team High Tech Crime is the world’s the most successful cybercrime unit”

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1 December, 2014

According to Kaspersky Labs, the Dutch High Tech Crime Unit is the world’s most successful cybercrime unit. Kaspersky Labs is the largest private held company in the field of security software products. Sergey Lozhkin, security researcher at Kaspersky Labs, refers to research results showing that the Netherlands suffered from the least security incidents. This is partly due to the high quality of the Dutch unit. Moreover, Lozhkin refers to the high level of education of the unit and the many successful operations against cybercriminals Team High Tech Crime has conducted.

Since Considerati is co-operating with Team High Tech Crime for many years in the field of privacy and cyber security, Considerati is proud of the achievement of the Dutch Team High Tech Crime.

Source: Webwereld

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