Nathalie Falot speaks at Latvian “Cyberchess 2016” Conference

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5 October, 2016

Automatische Identificatie Systemen (AIS) | Considerati

The Latvian national cyber security conference “Cyberchess 2016” will be held on 6 October in Riga. Nathalie Falot, senior legal advisor at Considerati, has been invited to present her research on “criminal liability for ethical hackers in the EU”. She will also take part in the panel discussion “Legal, technical and coordination challenges of the responsible disclosure process.”

Responsible Disclosure is an upcoming phenomenon in the EU. In the Netherlands, a culture of responsible disclosure has been developed over the last few years, not just from a practical but also from a legal perspective. The discussion on responsible disclosure is now spreading across the EU, as the signing of the Responsible Disclosure Manifesto shows. Governments that did not take part in the discussion thus far, might now be confronted with questions from private parties wanting to introduce responsible disclosure for their organisation. In Latvia, the government is currently working on a draft to introduce a formal legal exemption for ethical hackers.

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Nathalie Falot

Senior Legal Consultant

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