MPs call upon Dutch govt to take a stance on ICT issues

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12 November, 2013

In response to the increasing contribution the digital economy provides to our gross national product and employment, ICT and telecom policy have become a priority topic the Dutch Parliament. Developments in this field are coming towards us so rapidly that MPs are worried that the current legal framework should be adapted to modern times. For example, Liberal MP De Liefde (VVD) finds that laws and regulations are still based on a classic distinction between mobile and fixed telecom networks and on separate regulation for TV , Internet, media and news, while, in reality, these boundaries are rapidly fading. De Liefde filed a motion to the government, calling on the Cabinet to send proposals to Parliament to modernize laws and regulations in the fields of telecommunications, media, privacy and copyright by in 2014, where necessary.

The Liberal Democrat party (D66) also called on the Dutch Government to take a firm stance on telecom topics. They specifically ask attention to recent developments in the telecom policy of the European Union. In the plans of Commissioner Kroes for a “connective continent”, proposals have been tabled that may be at odds with the Dutch rules on net neutrality. In a motion, MP Verhoeven calls on the government to maintain the Dutch position on net neutrality in Europe. It is expected that the discussion on this topic fires up in the new year.

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Jonathan Toornstra

Legal Consultant

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