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13 November, 2012

The 7th Internet Governance Forum took place in Baku, Azerbaijan from 5 to 9 November. Considerati attended this event and observed the developments as they happened. The UN organizes the Forum in order to facilitate a global consultation on Internet governance. For four days, stakeholders from all over the world such as NGO’s, governments, enterprises, academia, activists and the youth have intensively deliberated on such topics as Internet freedom and Internet regulation. The most popular subjects discussed were cybersecurity, copyrights, privacy, censorship/ freedom of expression, innovation and the roles played by the stakeholders with regard to these subjects. Speakers such as Neelie Kroes, Vint Cerf, Marietje Schaake and Jochem de Groot made attending the event even more worthwhile. For more information and reports, have a look at:

In conclusion we can safely say that the IGF offers a sound platform for the exchange of ideas and the observance of trends. More so than last year, it has become apparent that ‘Internet freedom’ as a subject is high on the agenda and that its significance has drastically increased in the mind of the public and among politicians. It has also become clear that we, as a society, will be facing great challenges in order to achieve global norms that do justice to varied and often seemingly opposed needs. Although this Forum does not provide rules and legislation, it does provide an important contribution to the emergence of ideas with regard to those matters. This is one the reasons why seeing the Netherlands represented by a respectable delegation is a wonderful thing. Due to proper preparation, the Dutch delegation was able to deliver a considerable contribution to the Forum. The delegation consisted of, among others, the ECP, the SIDN, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Rathenau Institute, AMS-IX and the KLPD. 

Considerati was part of the Dutch delegation and, together with the ECP, organized the Dutch delegation stand.


Nathalie Falot

Senior Legal Consultant

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