Future of law enforcement: Bart Schermer attends WICLEIM 2014

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11 September, 2014

The international top of law enforcement met in Amsterdam on June 11, 2014 during the WICLEIM 2014. Authorities and their partners in the field of safety and prevention discussed the future of law enforcement in our changing society. An impressive group of speakers and visitors gathered in the Amsterdam Arena.

The WICLEIM 2014 aims to sharply focus on innovation on a national, European and global level: “Connecting global innovations for tomorrow’s reality.” Topics as crowd management, forensics, customs controls and international orientated crime such as fraud and terrorism were covered.

Bart Schermer contributed to this event with his presentation “Big data, law enforcement and privacy.” Collecting and using big data is necessary for the prevention and detection of cross-border crime, but it also provides significant privacy risks. Organizations need to control these risks by good privacy governance. Considerati is happy to advise you and your organization.

Download the presentation here.

Jonathan Toornstra

Legal Consultant

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