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10 July, 2015

Rotterdam, 10 July 2015 – Starting July 1st 2015, Evert de Pender (53) has taken the leadership position in PrivacyPerfect. This start-up is the world’s first to launch a user-friendly tool that helps organisations to gain insight in processing activities in which personal data is used throughout the organisation and supports organisations in achieving compliance with privacy and data protection legislation. Through a Management Buy-In, De Pender acquired his interest in PrivacyPerfect.

Associate Professor Bart Schermer LLM, PhD, privacy expert at Leiden University and one of the founders of PrivacyPerfect: “We are very happy to have Evert join our team, since we are convinced that he can make PrivacyPerfect an international industry leader. Evert has in-depth knowledge of the deployment of Software-as-a-Service solutions in markets that are strongly dominated by legislation. With his search engine Legal Intelligence Evert introduced the worlds first legal search engine which quickly became leading in legal content integration. This expertise in combination with his strong network are crucial in making PrivacyPerfect an international player.
Control over personal data

The upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation from the European Commission enforces privacy compliance for organisations. Organisations have to be able to give insight in the personal data they process, how this data is used and how the data is secured. PrivacyPerfect is the only party with a data-mapping tool that puts organisations back in control of their personal data processing activities. This tool helps organisations to get the most out of their data while being compliant with privacy legislation and without having to make concessions on diligence and responsibility with regards to privacy.


Evert de Pender, CEO PrivacyPerfect


Substantial Fines 

The proposed Data Protection Regulation that introduces stronger privacy protection is a result of developments in the United States. In the U.S., companies such as AT&T and Google have been given substantial fines for non-compliance regarding privacy legislation. The proposed Regulation will introduce substantial fines as well; organisations risk fines of millions of euros and up to five per cent of their annual global turnover. Additionally, the Dutch Parlement already introduced an obligation for organisation to notify the data protection authority of data breaches, which will be enforced starting January 1st, 2016. Organisations that do not comply with this obligation face fines of up to €810.000,- or 10% of their annual turnover. PrivacyPerfect’s data-mapping tool is the answer to these developments and ensures a strong mitigation of the risks of non-compliance for organisations, including the prevention of fines and preventing reputational damage.

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