European Commission presents plans for the Digital Single Market

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25 May, 2016

On the 25th of May, the European Commission presented three new proposals to boost Europe’s digital economy. The plans include a range of topics: updated rules on audio-visual media, a targeted approach for online platforms and a legislative package for the e-commerce sector.

Level playing field for content providers

The revision of the Directive on Audiovisual Media Services (AMVS) aligns the rules for online platforms and traditional media. The Commission proposes to adapt regulations regarding the protection of children, advertising and regulators to the new situation in the media landscape. This should create a level playing field for old and new players alike, while enabling content-producers to focus on their work rather than pursuing copyright infringements.

Targeted approach for online platforms

The Committee recognizes the importance of online platforms for innovation in the digital market. A targeted approach is needed to stimulate the stable development of platforms, for instance by safeguarding consumer confidence. In addition, the Commission made a proprosition to strengthen the relationship of online platforms, their users and business partners. Encouraging self- and co-regulation are the preferred means to this end.

Cross-border e-commerce

With the legislative package for e-commerce, the Commission aims to promote e-commerce within Europe. ‘Consumers and businesses should be able to buy and sell products safer and easier across borders’. The package consists of three legislative proposals including a prohibition of residence-based discrimination (geoblocking), enhanced fee-transparancy for cross-border parcel delivery and tightened regulations of unfair commercial practices.

The proposals reside within the Commissions’ broader Digital Single Market Strategy (DSM). All 16 initiatives within the DSM will be presented by the end of this 2016.

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