EU takes steps towards a regulatory frame for drones

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13 March, 2015

During the two-day conference on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) the main players in the drones sector signed a declaration. This declaration forms the basis for a regulatory framework for drones that will be developed in 2016.

The Riga Declaration on Remotely Piloted Aircraft (drones) – “Framing the future of aviation” is the starting point for a yet to develop regulatory framework for the usage of drones. Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Mobility and Transport underlines the importance of a regulatory framework for drones. She states that is important for undertakings to know what the direction will be of the upcoming regulatory framework. On the other hand, it is also important for consumers to know in what way their fundamental rights and safety is safeguarded.

Amongst other things, the following topics are laid down in the declaration:

  • Clear rules for manufacturers and potential users;
  • High safety and data protection demands
  • The responsibilities of drone users
  • Effective exchange of information.

There is also need for a clear regulatory framework in the Netherlands. Therefore, the parliament published its viewpoint on drones last week. In the Netherlands, Considerati is cooperating with Aerialtronics to open the way for the drones sector. In an interview with Lucas van Oostrum, CEO Aerialtronics, he states that there is an urge for regulations that support the innovative character of drones. With the signed declaration the first steps towards a regulatory framework on a EU-level are taken.

Jonathan Toornstra

Legal Consultant

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