EU consumer policy to focus on e-commerce

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11 October, 2013

European Commissioner Neven Mimica (Consumer policy) will focus his work on the protection of consumers’ right in the online context. The first Croatian EU Commissioner

questions whether the average European consumer is aware of his legal position in the digital world. When products bought online fail to meet expectations, many people seem to have difficulty addressing their complaints. According to Mr. Mimica, many consumers also lack general knowledge on the way mobile services, such as apps and downloads, work

Key topics of Mr. Mimica’s proposed digital consumer policy are:

  • Enforcement of consumer rights online – eliminating unfair commercial practices in e-commerce
  • Online dispute resolution – solving problems arising from online purchases more efficiently
  • Digital content products (downloads, apps) – making sure your rights are respected in practice
  • Online consumer information: improving comparison tools and user reviews
  • Capacity building: providing all European consumers with the knowledge and tools necessary to participate actively in e-commerce

To find out whether these issues are indeed the main concerns of the general public, Commissioner Mimica will hold a live text chat with citizens on how to boost consumer confidence online as the vital ingredient for successful e-commerce, on Monday 14 October at 10:30 CET. This chat is part of the EU Single Market Month, which brings European citizens and EU leaders together online to discuss the challenges remaining and ideas for the future of the Single Market.


Jonathan Toornstra

Legal Consultant

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