Effects of error and omission in the Municipal Personal Records Database

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30 January, 2013

Considerati carried out a study on the impact of error and omission in the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA) in the Netherlands. The study was carried out in collaboration with IDManagement Centre and was commissioned by the Netherlands’ Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The authors show a range of financial, administrative and communal effects that can be related to the fact that citizens are registered in official records on faulty addresses or to the fact that they are not registered at all. The impact of such errors or omissions in the electronic personal records databases of the government is especially distressing in cases where legal rights or obligations are based on address or family circumstances. Obvious financial effects are seen in social security or fiscal regulation. (Van der Veen, Ruiter, Schermer, Van der Heide – 2013)

The first phase of the study has now been concluded, the report of this phase can be found here (only available in Dutch). The second phase of the study will be conducted in 2013, Considerati will stay involved in the project.

Nathalie Falot

Senior Legal Consultant

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