Dutch Government urges private sector to perform Privacy Impact Assessments

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13 September, 2013

This week, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs (Mr. Kamp) and the Secretary of Security and Justice (Mr. Teeven) explained their view on e-privacy to the Members of the Parliament.

A key element of the Dutch e-privacy policy is that the Dutch government wants businesses to apply the concept of privacy by design consistently when developing new products and services in order to ensure that the protection of personal data of consumers is taken into account from the start. The primary tool to achieve this goal is to perform Privacy Impact Assessments. According to Minister Kamp, private businesses should perform a Privacy Impact Assessment during the development of new products and services in order to expose privacy risks associated with new IT developments in an early stage. Increased awareness of these privacy aspects enables business to address public concern in this field. The Minister emphasizes the importance of clarity towards customers regarding the way in which data is processed and on the safeguards and security measures that have been applied. This way, businesses are transparent and responsible with regard to the privacy of their customers, according to the Dutch Government.

The e-privacy policy of the government will have a major impact on the Dutch private sector. Responsible data processing will not only require compliance with privacy regulations. Performing Privacy Impact Assessments will mean that companies have to map all data flows within their organization and, in addition, being able to communicate transparently with stakeholders on all data processing. Considerati has years of knowledge and experience with the implementation of privacy compliance in organizations and performs Privacy Impact Assessments for both public and private organizations regularly. If you would like more information on Privacy Impact Assessments and what steps you can already take, please see our Factsheet Privacy Impact Assessment.

It is worth noting that performing a Privacy Impact Assessment will become a legal obligation throughout the European Union. The proposed European Data Protection Regulation prescribes mandatory Privacy Impact Assessments for both public and private organisations. We expect this Regulation to enter into force in 2016. Considerati monitors policy developments regarding privacy and data protection in both the Netherlands and Brussels closely. For more information on our policy advice, please take a look at our services in this field.

For more information on Privacy Impact Assessments, feel free to contact us.


Jonathan Toornstra

Legal Consultant

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