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27 March, 2015

The European Commission has made the Digital Single Market its priority. By creating a Digital Single Market the Commission wants to stimulate economic growth.

The European Commission will present its strategy for a Digital Single Market at May 6th. This Wednesday it released already its areas of action:

  1. Stimulating e-commerce by allowing consumers and businesses better access to digital goods and services (harmonizing consumer and contract law, tackling geo-blocking, modernising copyright law and simplifying VAT arrangements).
  1. Shaping the preconditions for (investments in) digital netwerks and services to flourish (reviewing telecoms and media rules, coordinating spectrum policy, strengthening trust of online platforms and ensuring swift removal of illegal content, protecting personal data).
  1. Creating a competitive European digital economy and society (industry 4.0, addressing big data challenges like ownership, data protection and standards, stimulating cloud computing and developing digital skills).

Jonathan Toornstra

Legal Consultant

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