Considerati examines privacy aspects of new innovative passenger flow system ‘Aruba Happy Flow’

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5 June, 2015

PNR, passenger data, privacy

Last week, the new innovative way of traveling was launched, the Aruba Happy Flow solution. The Aruba Happy Flow solution uses facial recognition from check-in to boarding, making your passport almost unnecessary. The aim of the Happy Flow is to facilitate a smooth and fast passenger flow on the airport.

The Happy Flow is the first solution that uses facial recognition for every step in the aviation process. The solution was developed by Vision-Box with the support of Considerati, Oelan and SAS, in collaboration with the Aruba QBI Airport, the Aruba Government, Schiphol Airport, the Dutch Government and KLM. Innovative ideas require innovative privacy solutions. Therefore, the principle of ‘privacy by design’ is used in the development of the Happy Flow. As the leading expert in privacy, Considerati is the partner that made the inventory of the privacy aspects of the system and created solutions in order to create a privacy proof system.

The Aruba Happy Flow offers a lot of benefits for both the passenger and the airline. For instance, an airline can make a better estimation whether a passenger will catch his flight. Furthermore, the Happy Flow leads to a faster and more secure flow of passengers the airport. Travellers flying with KLM from Aruba to The Netherlands (Schiphol Airport) can use the Happy Flow already. The number of passengers using the Happy Flow will be expanded in the upcoming months.

Schiphol Airport is one of the partners of the project and are enthusiastic about the benefits of the Happy Flow. At the moment Schiphol is assessing the possibilities to implement the Happy Flow on Schiphol Airport.

More information on the Aruba Happy Flow can be found here.


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