Citizens sue Dutch State for collaboration with NSA

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6 November, 2013

Today, a coalition consisting of several citizens and the Privacy First Foundation, the Internet Society, the Association of Criminal Lawyers and the Dutch Association of Journalists sued the Dutch State, represented by Minister of Home Affairs Plasterk. According to the coalition, the NSA obtained personal data in violation with the Dutch law and passed the data on to Dutch intelligence services. The coalition wants the State to stop these practices and demands that Plasterk will inform citizens whose data has been unlawfully used.

The case is not just about privacy. According to the Dutch Association of Journalists, the espionage by intelligence services affects the journalistic source protection. Secretary Thomas Bruning states that this might discourage whistleblowers to bring out abuses. Also for ICT journalist Brenno de Winter, the danger for the journalistic source protection was a reason to join the coalition.

On 27 November, Minister Plasterk has to defend his policy in the The Hague court. He is confident that the Dutch intelligence services comply with the Dutch legal framework. He promised that the results of an ongoing investigation to the proceedings of Dutch intelligence and safety services will be send accelerated to the Parliament. Then, the results should be made public in January 2014.

Sources: Bureau BrandeisNu.nlWebwereld

Jonathan Toornstra

Legal Consultant

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