Bart Schermer has been appointed a member of the Advisory Counsel on international Affairs (AIV)

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24 November, 2015

Uitvoeringswet AVG | Considerati

Bart Schermer has been appointed a member of the Advisory Counsel on international Affairs (AIV). The AIV of the Netherlands is an independent body which advises government and parliament on foreign policy, particularly on issues relating to human rights, peace and security, development cooperation and European integration.

The AIV produces advisory reports on its own initiative or at the request of government or parliament. All reports are presented to the relevant members of the government as well as to the House of Representatives and Senate. In most cases, the government members in question are the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defence and the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. They are expected to send a government response to parliament within three months. The requests for advice, the reports and the government responses are all made public.

The Human Rights Committee consists of:

Professor Ernst Hirsch Ballin (chair)
Professor Tineke Cleiren ( vice-chair)
Professor Karin Arts
Professor Maurits Berger
Dr. Kathalijne Buitenweg
Professor Yvonne Donders
Professor Janneke Gerards
Arjan Hamburger
Professor Nicola Jägers
Professor Rick Lawson
Judge Egbert Myjer
Dr. Bart Schermer
Naema Tahir
Heikelina Verrijn Stuart
Jantinus Smallenbroek ( Secretary)

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Dominique Hagenauw

Principal Legal Consultant

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