Article Newsweek: European Internet Pirates Poised for Victory.

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11 September, 2014

One of the members of the Pirate Party has been elected as a member of the European Parliament. In most European countries enforcement is now aimed at enablers, not the users. Add all that to uprise of a group of countries which utilise a more lenient system of enforcing of intellectual property law and it might just seem like the European pirates are slowly gaining the upper hand.

Newsweek wrote an article on these recent developments in European copyright law. Considerati’s Bart Schermer was asked for a contribution to this article: Bart Schermer, a partner in the Dutch internet law consulting firm Considerati and co-author of a new report on internet legislation in Europe, says: “In most major EU member states, the enforcement is now aimed at the enablers, not the users. It’s very hard to enforce copyright vis-à-vis individuals.” Please read the complete Newsweek article here.


Jonathan Toornstra
Jonathan Toornstra

Legal researcher

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