Workshop DigiNotar: The harsh reality of cybercrime & cyberwar

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20 November, 2012

In the summer of 2011, a Dutch company was hacked by Iranian Internet users. This hack, often referred to as the DigiNotar-hack, was the beginning of a new age for cybercrime and cyber war and showed the entire world how real this threat is, and how disastrous the consequences can be. Still, many organizations have difficulties when it comes to how they can protect their own company against a similar situation, and how they can put this high on their company’s agenda. In collaboration with the former director of DigiNotar, Tony de Bos, Considerati offers a workshop in which the DigiNitor-story will be thoroughly discussed. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions about the details and process of this case and how these can be applied to your own organization: what are the risks for your organization, what are the possible consequences and what can you do to prevent the DigiNotar scenario in your own organization?

This workshop will be held in-house, in the seclusion of your own organization, and the participants will have the opportunity to share in a unique experience. Hereby enriched, participant can apply their new knowledge to their own organization.

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Nathalie Falot

Senior Legal Consultant

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