Public Affairs Support

Knowledge, experience and an extensive network are required to effectively promote your company’s interests. You want to make decisions on the basis of up-to-date insights on legislation, government policies and public opinion. You want to be able to respond to new issues quickly. You wish to have a good relationship with government and stakeholders. You wish to focus on your priorities and spend as little time as possible coordinating and organising activities.

Considerati will help you implement your public affairs strategy and build relationships with policymakers. Thanks to Considerati’s unique focus on the digital domain, we know the fast-changing environment in which you work and we are familiar with the kinds of issues organisations like yours face. With our expertise and pragmatic approach we increase the effectiveness of your public affairs activities with which you will be more time-efficient.

Monitor and Intelligence

We always keep up with the latest developments. We keep an eye on politics, the government and public opinion for you. We gather news from public sources, but also receive a great deal of information from our own extensive network. As a result, you will be able to capitalise on the latest developments and respond directly if risks or opportunities arise for your company.

Stakeholder management

The external environment in which your company operates is constantly changing. You want to have a solid relationship with policymakers and other stakeholders who may affect your position in society. We will help you understand who your stakeholders are, advise on the relationships and coalitions you must build and help you communicate with your stakeholders, thus allowing you to focus on the relationship itself.

Issue management

You are operating in a dynamic environment, where you encounter all sorts of issues which may harm your reputation or operations. Identifying and assessing the impact of issues at an early stage prevents them from becoming business risks for you. Our public affairs consultants will help you reduce the impact of issues and establish a dialogue with stakeholders.

Lobbying support

Considerati will help you implement your public affairs strategy, adding expertise. Whether you seek to organise round-table discussions with stakeholders, draw up factsheets or supervise a study, our consultants will provide you with pragmatic, creative and comprehensive support, thus enabling you to successfully position your company and effectively lobby for your cause.

Training and coaching

Wish to obtain a thorough understanding of the Dutch market, make people more aware of public affairs in your company, or speed up your public affairs manager’s training? Our public affairs training and coaching will quickly bring you up to date on the latest trends, distinctive local features and the necessary skills. This allows you to make the most of your activities and relations.

Interim and association management

Today’s fast-changing market requires flexibility and scalability. Considerati will strengthen your organisation and provide you with all the knowledge you will need to start up a new project, act as an interim manager or manage your club. This back-office support will help you attain your objectives quickly and effectively.

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