Public Affairs Strategy

Servicing your customers and users is your main focus. At the same time, policy makers and stakeholders are increasingly clamouring for your attention. The last thing you need is being confronted with surprising new rules which limit your services, or stakeholders who cause harm to your reputation. You want to know what to prioritise with the limited resources you have.

Considerati will help your company deal with the mounting pressure imposed by legislators and well-organised stakeholders. With our knowledge of the digital world we will analyse your company’s regulatory and reputation risks and advise you on your public affairs strategy, reputation management and positioning. Our public affairs consultants will help you in your dynamic business environment to capitalise on actual affairs, prioritise and properly manage your reputation and your relationship with stakeholders.

Public affairs maturity assessment

You seek to strengthen your organisation’s public affairs strategy. A solid public affairs strategy not only protects your reputation, it also helps you meet your business objectives and makes you more competitive. Considerati’s public affairs maturity assessment will provide you with a unique insight into how to strengthen your public affairs strategy and organisation.

Regulatory risk analysis

The rules and organisations governing the digital domain are changing quickly. Government and policymakers amend current laws, regulate the latest developments and cast a critical eye on technological advances and disruptive business models. Our regulatory risk analysis provides you with a better understanding of relevant legislation and policy trends. This understanding will help you decide on the focus and priorities of your public affairs strategy.

Strategy and positioning

Success in business requires a clear-cut public affairs strategy and positioning. Whether you seek to build a relationship with your stakeholders or to be involved in the process of policy making, our public affairs consultants will help you determine your strategy and positioning, always taking into account external risks and your business objectives.

Policy advice

Your company’s flexibility is determined by domestic and EU regulations. In our experience, innovative companies often encounter legislation whose scope is considerably wider than the digital domain. Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and its policies, we can help you with a substantiated position towards government and stakeholders.

Strategic communication

Transparent and easy-to-understand communications will increase trust in your company. We will help you reduce complex stories to readily understood messages. Our consultants understand the world in which you work. We will help you develop a clear and consistent message, both in targeted campaigns and in crisis communication.

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