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Public affairs for innovators in the digital world

Considerati advises and supports innovators with respect to public affairs, stakeholder management and reputation management. We help companies find solutions for strategic dilemmas and we represent their interests when policies and public opinion are still in development. In this way, we enable companies to operate successfully in an ever-changing world and to develop and maintain valuable relationships with the government, politicians and other stakeholders.

For over ten years, we have been making sure that the interests of companies are protected. We have a positive impact on their organisation because of our knowledge of policy and the (tech) sector, our extensive network, and our expertise with regard to decision-making processes and communication about innovation and change. We are very familiar with the issues and stakeholders you will be facing, and we always think one step ahead. 

Our team works for internationally operating (tech) companies, scale-ups and organisations that spearhead innovation. Our focus is on technology and the internet, but we also have extensive experience in policies with respect to mobility, the hospitality and tourism industry, health care and the financial sector. Our public affairs team is challenged every day to offer fast, high-quality advice to clients in their dynamic environment, even at the most senior level.

The importance of faith in innovation

The speed of digitization, the applications of technology, and the impact of (big) data require that organisations consciously and deliberately take part in the public debate so that the public opinion does not become a threat to innovation.

Know what you're faced with

If you are well-informed about what is happening in society, the media and politics, and how this will affect your company, you can avoid surprises and quickly respond to social and political developments.  

Our monitoring and intelligence tools help us to stay updated, filter information for main issues, analyse new regulations and policies to determine the consequences for the organisation and offer advice on the options that are available. 

  • Monitoring and intelligence
  • Policy advice
  • Regulatory risk analysis
  • Training and coaching

Avoid problems and seize opportunities

Businesses and governments who innovate are doing something new. This newness is often incompatible with the rules, habits, expectations and interests that exist. 

We help to create political and social acceptance of the innovation. We connect with the government, politics, media and other organisations that play an important role. We create convincing messages to bridge the gap between your interests and those of others. We help to make stakeholders understand the choices you make for the benefit of your organisation. 

  • Strategy and positioning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Lobbying


Stay in control

When innovation leads to friction, this results in discussions in the media and the political arena, or in changes in policy and legislation. It is important to take control of these discussions and to generate support for the changes you would like to implement.

We offer advice on the ways in which your organisation can contribute to the creation of new legislation and policies. In the event of social upheaval, we help to inform both politicians and the media. First and foremost, however, we help you to think of ways to avoid such upheaval. 

  • Issue management
  • Lobbying
  • Strategic communication

Getting things done

Based on our years of experience with tech companies and innovators, we know one thing for sure. Whether it is a sudden issue that brings the government to your door, a discussion in the media, or the launch of a new service for which you need to work together with stakeholders: You want to get it done. In all these cases, we can be your pragmatic and reliable partner and trusted advisor. Contact us now for advice.

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