If your services involve the processing of personal data, but you are not entirely certain whether your procedures satisfy the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act or the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, you should consider undergoing a privacy compliance check! Our privacy compliance check will give you immediate insight into your current compliance level and the strengths and weaknesses of your privacy policy, thereby providing you with clear starting points for improvement.

Privacy compliance: obtain an insight into your current compliance level

When carrying out a privacy compliance check (also known as a “privacy audit”), Considerati’s privacy experts will assess the extent to which your organisation, service or product satisfies all the relevant requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act or the General Data Protection Regulation. The check will also involve comparing your organisation against the privacy and data protection legislation which applies to your specific industry, thus providing you with a complete overview of any blind spots your organisation may have with regard to privacy law compliance.

The results of the privacy compliance check will be presented in a well-organised report, which will also present suggestions for improvement. Considerati’s privacy consultants will discuss your current potential risks with you, as well as how to practically implement in your organisation the suggestions for improvement presented in the report. We will discuss with you what your organisation seeks to achieve with the personal data that are processed and how to go about this in a manner which complies with the requirements of privacy legislation. This will allow your organisation to make the most of the data while minimising the risks.

The advantages

It can be very advantageous to your organisation to have a good understanding of its level of privacy compliance. It will help you better assess the risks and be more effective in your communication with your stakeholders about how you satisfy legal requirements. In addition, it will help you prioritise those aspects which you seek to improve. We will identify both the “quick wins” and major changes you will have to implement and we will help you prioritise by converting these suggestions into a road map for your organisation.

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Dominique Hagenauw

Principal Legal Consultant