Do you process personal identifiable information of the users of your products or services or your employees’ personal details in the Netherlands? If so, it is likely that your organisation is subject to the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens), which governs how to manage personal data in a careful manner.

The Personal Data Protection Act is often considered fairly draconic. For instance, the Act contains a broad definition of the concept of personal data, and the penalties for non-compliance are severe (up to €820,000). Even so, the Personal Data Protection Act does not have to stop you from – or hinder you in – providing your services. Sound privacy advice and a policy to match will allow you to make the most of your data, without risking severe fines.

Whether you carry out big data analyses, manage a forum, exchange data as part of a partnership or simply maintain a list of customers, if you put the right safeguards in place, you will find that matters are manageable. The nature of the safeguards you will have to implement will depend on various aspects of your data-processing operations. Our privacy advice will help you determine which safeguards you are expected to implement and how to incorporate these into your procedures and processes in a pragmatic manner. In addition, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding specific types of data processing.

Privacy compliance advice: How and why?

We will determine with you how to implement a practical privacy policy in your organisation. Our privacy experts have extensive experience in the field of innovative and data-driven organisations and will help you implement the outcomes of the privacy advice in your organisation in the manner which best suits your organisation.
As a result, consumer confidence in your company will increase, your company will become considerably more competitive and you will be at very low risk (if any) for non-compliance fines.

For government agencies

Also Dutch government agencies and governing bodies working in the Dutch security industry rely on Considerati’s legal experts’ highly specialist privacy expertise. Are you seeking to undergo the Privacy Impact Assessment which government agencies have been required to undergo since September 2013? Or are you in need of expertise regarding the Personal Data Protection Act, the Law Enforcement Information Act and/or the Judicial Information and Criminal Records Act, and how they relate to the administrative domain?

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation, your industry and the special requirements and responsibilities imposed on Dutch governing bodies to help you navigate through this maze. We employ legal experts who specialise in privacy matters, have undergone police screenings and have been issued with certificates of no objection by several agencies, thus allowing them to hold “sensitive” jobs.

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Bart Schermer

Chief Knowledge Officer