If you are a government agency which monitors individuals on a large scale or processes special personal details on a large scale, the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation stipulates that you must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), whose task, on the one hand, is to advise the organisation (e.g. on the privacy policy to be drawn up by the organisation), and on the other, to monitor the organisation, by assessing whether it is satisfying the requirements of the Regulation.

If you fail to appoint a DPO you risk a large fine. Considerati supplies excellent, CIPP/E-certified DPO. Alternatively, Considerati can support your current DPO in the performance of their duties.

Data Protection Officers play a crucial part

Data Protection Officers play a crucial part in drawing up and safeguarding an organisation’s privacy policy. Even if your organisation is not legally required to appoint a DPO, it may be highly advantageous to have one. Once the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect, both the responsible manager and the organisation actually processing the data must have an current data protection policy in place and they must take measures which demonstrate that they are complying with the Regulation (accountability). This is possible by, for example, keeping a data-processing log which states which data are processed in which way (the data map). Data Protection Officers can also help you identify your potential risks, e.g. by carrying out a privacy impact assessment.

However, DPOs can also be of great use to those on the work floor, as they can quickly answer your employees’ questions on data-processing activities they intend to carry out, assess requests for information from investigation services such as the police, and discuss Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default with you at an early stage. By involving a DPO in the development process, you will make this process more efficient, which in turn will stop you from having to pay unnecessary development expenses.

Expert on current and upcoming privacy legislation

Considerati is an expert on current and upcoming privacy legislation. Considerati has many years of experience of privacy governance and has helped many organisations in their transition towards privacy legislation compliance. The DPOs supplied by Considerati play a considerable part in this process. Among other things, Considerati’s Data Protection Officer can help you do the following:

  • Draw up an internal privacy policy and strategy;
  • Carry out this policy, which also includes creating privacy awareness in employees through training sessions, manuals, factsheets, etc.
  • Process requests for information submitted by investigation services;
  • Account for any privacy risks which may be associated with data processing to the board of directors;
  • Ensure smooth communication with the Dutch Data Protection Authority;
  • Implement Privacy by Design en Privacy by Default;
  • Draw up data maps;
  • Ensure proper communication with stakeholders regarding the way in which data are processed by your organisation.

For more information, be sure to also consult our Data Protection Officer Factsheet, or visit our website www.dataprotectionofficers.com for information about our DPO-training.

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Dominique Hagenauw

Principal Legal Consultant