As an ISP, you may be asked by domestic or foreign investigation services to hand over personal details. In many cases this will not be a non-binding request, but rather a formal demand. But how do you know whether such a demand is legitimate? How to respond to such a demand? And what kind of risks do you incur if you honour a request for information by an investigation service, or alternatively, if you refuse to do so?

Assessing demands for information by investigation services

Assessing a demand for information by an investigation service can pose quite a challenge. On the one hand, you do not wish to unrightfully provide investigation services with data and risk being held liable for doing so, but on the other hand, you do not wish to obstruct a legal investigation, either. Considerati can help you weigh your options. We will help you determine which aspects of a request for information to assess for legitimacy, how to record the results of this assessment and in which cases to notify the persons whose data are being requested. We will present you with this information in easy-to-use procedures which have been tailor-made for your organisation, thus ensuring that your employees are always fully prepared for demands for information by investigation services.

Carrying out an assessment yourself versus having it carried out

If you often receive requests for information, you may find it useful to have some in-house experts, so as to be able to quickly determine whether or not to provide the requested information. Considerati can train your team to make the right decisions, to record these decisions and to initiate follow-up actions. We can teach workshops or provide advice, thus giving you the means to make an educated decision in the event of a request for information by an investigation service. In this way, your organisation will be able to independently assess requests for information from domestic and foreign investigation services alike.

Would you rather let other parties make such decisions on your behalf? No problem! Our legal experts are always prepared to help you. They can either join your team as in-house experts or be called or emailed whenever their advice is required, thus ensuring that you will always have access to their expertise if necessary.