Are you looking for privacy advice about offering goods and services in the digital domain? Our legal practice specialises in high-quality and pragmatic legal advice in digital areas such as privacy and data protection and similar subjects, such as cybersecurity, cybercrime and the intermediary liability. Our advice is high quality because we keep up to date with the latest developments in these fields better than just about anyone and always seek to provide the very highest-quality recommendations; it is pragmatic because our recommendations always provide companies with tools that can be directly applied to their organisations.

Legal advice on digitisation

Digitisation will afford your organisation many opportunities. Processes will be carried out more quickly and more efficiently, meaning you will have more time to further optimise your products and services. However, digitisation does come with certain legal responsibilities. Data usage, keeping one’s services or products secure, users’ and employees’ privacy and one’s liability in the event that something goes wrong are all common issues requiring attention. Our legal team has extensive experience in all legal aspects of digitisation, particularly privacy and data protection.

Your requirements, our priority

Whether you would like to receive an answer to a specific question or seek to ensure that your entire organisation complies with privacy law, Considerati’s privacy consultants will offer you client-specific advice, tailor-made to meet your requirements. Our advice is designed to help you realise your business and policy objectives within the law. We will be only too happy to discuss matters with you. From “privacy by design” to advice on risk-reducing measures – thanks to our pragmatic approach, you will know exactly where you stand and how to increase your organisation’s level of compliance with privacy law by following our practical steps.


Whether you process personal data as a part of your services, for research purposes or because you have employees; privacy is for almost every organisation an issue that has to be managed. Privacy is often perceived as a high-cost intrusion on an organistion and a is considered to have a chilling effect on innovation, but we think differently. With a proper and structured approach to privacy compliance you will be able to get the most benefit out of your data and reduce the risks that come with data-processing activities.

Cyber Security

Protecting your information systems and keeping them safe from harm (cybersecurity) can be quite a challenge. All it takes is one hacker bent on mischief, or one angry employee exploiting a security hole in your system, and the damage to your organisation may be enormous. We can help you in identifying your legal obligations and other legal aspects, and support you in handling them.

Intermediary Liability

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or online platform you will have hundreds or thousands of users sending and storing information every single day. Needless to say, you will be unable to screen all content that is being uploaded and shared through your services. At the same time, you cannot hide behind this statement and pretend that it is not your problem/under your responsibility, either. To what extent are you liable for the illegal content your users share or disseminate using your service, or for...

Telecommunication Law

If you send your customers newsletters or other direct mail, or if you have a call centre that calls clients to make them marketing offers, or if you use cookies or similar such technologies on your website, your activities are subject to the Telecommunications Act. Now that new technologies are being introduced, the scope of the Telecommunications Act will be re-assessed, which may significantly affect the way in which you are currently providing services or intend to provide services. Considerati can help you get fully prepared for these new developments.

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Chief Knowledge Officer

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