About Tessa

Tessa is senior legal consultant at Considerati. She has extensive experience in advising public and private organisations on the requirements of the European and Dutch privacy legislation (such as GDPR, the Dutch GDPR implementation act, the Dutch Police Files Act, the Dutch Criminal and Judicial Data Act and specific legislation in the medical field and the social domain). Tessa’s analytical skills enables her to translate complicated privacy, data protection and IT issues into pragmatic solutions.

In addition, Tessa's expertise focuses on mapping complex private-private and private-public partnerships, mainly in the criminal justice chain and the social domain. For example, she has conducted research into cross-sectoral data sharing between private parties in order to combat fraud.

Before Tessa started her career at Considerati, she worked for a renowned law firm specialized in criminal law. Tessa is a certified information privacy manager (CIPM) of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Tessa Schop Senior Legal Consultant

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