About Sybren

Sybren is legal consultant and is specialized in privacy and data protection. He advises both public and private parties on national and European legislation in this area. He also has a strong general legal background, due to his experience at a law firm. 

Sybren always takes the various legal aspects into account in his advice, but he never loses sight of organizational and business interests. Sybren seeks pragmatic solutions for its clients and communicates them clearly to the relevant stakeholders. He likes to see himself as a sparring partner, always looking for the most convenient solution, without compromising on legal quality. Sybren has a lot of experience with implementing (privacy) legislation within both commercial and semi-public organizations. He is also specialized in drafting and negotiating (data processing) agreements. Finally, Sybren is experienced in advising senior management on the various legal consequences regarding the GDPR.

Sybren likes to work in a team and already has experience in managing teams, for example he has worked as teamlead of the privacy officers at a Dutch University. In addition, he has experience in the role of DPO, enabling him to fulfill both an executive as a supervisory role. He has completed the Data Protection Officer training and is a certified information privacy manager (CIPM) of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). Sybren has obtained the title Master of Laws at the University of Groningen, by completing the Master Law & ICT.

Sybren Spoelstra Legal Consultant

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