About Romy

Romy is Legal Consultant at Considerati and specialised in privacy and data protection. She advises both public and private organisations on national and European legislation in this area. She quickly understands the business’ needs and she makes sure her advice is practical. 

Romy advises and supports organisations in all aspects of the implementation of the General Data Protection Law (GDPR). Romy has experience with the implementation of the GDPR, (large) public and private partnerships, conducting DPIA’s, project management activities and with processing biometric data (e.g. facial recognition), health data, data concerning criminal convictions and offences and police data. Also, Romy helps organisations creating awareness within the organisation by training the employees. 

Romy has a master’s degree in Crime and Law Enforcement at the ‘Universiteit Leiden’. Also, she has completed the DPO-education of Considerati and she is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).

Romy ter Beek Senior Legal Consultant

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