About Quincy

Quincy works as a Legal Consultant within Considerati's Legal team, providing both commercial and public sector organisations with legal advice on privacy and data protection issues. She has experience in all aspects of privacy law, including setting up policies and processes, providing advice, carrying out DPIAs, drafting privacy statements, giving presentations and masterclasses, and conducting GDPR maturity scans.

Quincy holds a Master's degree in Law: Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT from VU University Amsterdam. She also gained experience as a Privacy Officer at a small municipality. She attended postgraduate courses in the field of privacy law, including Considerati's DPO course. Last course year (2022), she was one of the lecturers within this course. She gave several masterclasses including the topics 'Legal framework GDPR' and 'DPIA’s'.

Quincy van Opzeeland Legal Consultant

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