Navid Kamalzadeh

Navid is best described as legal business partner. Whilst being a specialist in privacy & internet law, he has a great sense for the business interests as well as technological and organizational interests of the organization. This means that Navid isn’t afraid to tell a client what’s allowed under the law and what's not, but always weighs in other important factors resulting in creative, pragmatic and actionable advice. 
As a legal consultant, Navid has taken up a great variety of assignments, in-house as well as long term projects, for scale-ups, (multi)nationals and public organizations. He has experience as a long-term Chief Privacy Officer and as project leader in which he collaborates very closely with the DPO of these organizations. 
During his assignments, Navid has gained lots of experience strategically advising executives (C-suite) and (senior) management early in his career. Both during regular advisory activities and during crises.
Navid Kamalzadeh Legal Consultant

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