About Ka Wing

Ka Wing is legal consultant in Considerati’s Legal Team. He advises commercial, semi-public and public organisations on legal issues regarding privacy and data protection. In this role he advises national and international organisations on complying with privacy related regulation.

Ka Wing has experience with mapping all the processes and activities that take place within an organisation, which he subsequently uses to give advice regarding the legal obligations that are applicable to the organisation. His experience entails, amongst other things, drafting registers of processing activities, a privacy policy and privacy statements, but also drafting practical manuals in order to make these documents clear, understandable and useful to everyone within the organisation. Furthermore, Ka Wing helps organisation with the implementation of policies, for example by giving presentations and awareness sessions.

Also, Ka Wing has experience with doing extensive research for international clients, particularly in the context of future technologies and how the development of these technologies relates to current and future regulation.

Ka Wing has obtained an LL.M in Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT-law at VU University Amsterdam.

Ka Wing Falkena Legal Consultant

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