About Janna

Janna is a regulatory & public affairs consultant. She advises various companies and organizations on political developments and (future) legislation. Legislation (almost always) affects the digital domain. Think, for example, of AI legislation, the DSA and the DMA. Janna also helps her clients to create and maintain social support with regard to various topics, such as mainly digitization (and the associated ethical questions), diversity & inclusiveness and public-private partnerships. In addition to advisory work, she is also involved in stakeholder and reputation management and strategic communication.

Before joining Considerati, Janna was a lawyer in the Zuidas, where she dealt with government and regulation-related issues and operated at the intersection of public and private law. Before that, Janna studied political science and law in Leiden. Janna is still a lecturer at Leiden University. Because of her experiences, Janna has an affinity with the political field and she has a lot of knowledge of legislation (processes).

Janna Vermolen Regulatory & public affairs consultant

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