Bart Pegge

Bart is a senior consultant and head of the public affairs practice at Considerati. He knows what it takes to bring diverse interests together. Bart’s extensive network enables him to switch between different stakeholders quickly, thus always being up-to-date of the latest developments. His down-to-earth attitude allows him to find practical and original solutions supported by all parties.

Bart has many years of public affairs experience in the digital sector on a strategic and operational level. This experience enables him to see the impact of new technologies and business models on policy and legislation like no-one else. Simultaneously, he understands the consequences these rules have on businesses. Bart supports organisations in managing their processes, issues and stakeholders within a complex environment of diverse interests. He advises organisations on and helps in bringing together stakeholders and building mutual trust.

Bart worked for more than seven years at the industry association Nederland ICT where his focus lied on the themes of cyber security, privacy and identity and on the telecom sector. Bart is a member of the Professional Association for Public Affairs (BVPA).

Bart Pegge Director Public Affairs Practice

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