Considerati is the legal and public affairs consultancy for the digital world. Organisations are continuously changing as a result of new technologies and clever use of data. Considerati helps technology and data-driven organisations attain their objectives within the law, in a way which will help them garner public support.

We will strengthen your organisation by listening to you, proactively contributing ideas, providing practical support and advising you on issues which have not yet been fully charted, either by legislators or by public opinion. In this way, we will allow your organisation to keep focusing on its primary business process and its customer relations.

Legal consultants specialising in privacy and data protection
Considerati’s legal team specialises in high-quality and pragmatic legal advice in the field of privacy, data protection and similar such subjects, such as cybersecurity and the liability of intermediaries. Our consultants help technology and data-driven companies and government agencies realise their objectives by implementing carefully designed data processes, processing data in a responsible manner and satisfying all the relevant legal requirements.

Public affairs consultants to technology and data-driven companies
Considerati’s public affairs team advises domestic and international technology and data-driven companies on their positioning and helps them promote their interests with the government, politicians and other stakeholders. Thanks to our extensive experience of public affairs for innovative companies, expert knowledge of the subject matter and vast network of stakeholders, we are well placed to help you strengthen your company’s licence to operate.

Allow Considerati to be your trusted advisor
Considerati has many years’ experience advising organisations that use technology and data in a progressive manner. Considerati’s partners have been working on the legal and societal issues arising from the application of technology and data for over ten years. Our unique combination of legal and public affairs consultancy allows us to help you increase your organisation’s level of compliance with relevant legislation while at the same time increasing the level of support you receive from your stakeholders.

We support our clients not just by helping them interpret the law and helping them understand how relevant legislation applies to their organisation, we also help them deal with and influence ever-changing laws and government policies. In so doing, Considerati always focuses on the client’s needs. We will study your requirements, methods and business strategy so as to be able to issue appropriate recommendations, tailor-made for your organisation. Our clients appreciate our creative, pragmatic and customer-oriented solutions.