Martine Wubben

Senior Legal Consultant

Martine is a lawyer and senior consultant at Considerati specializing in privacy law, data protection and ISP liability. Martine holds a master’s degree in Information Law and a master’s degree in Cultural Studies. As a Certified Privacy Information Professional (CIPP/E) and Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) she advises a range of national and international clients on the legal and policy aspects of privacy and data protection, in addition to performing privacy impact assessments and organizing privacy compliance programs. Furthermore, Martine is an experienced privacy counsel and privacy officer able to assess, implement and maintain a privacy program within your organization. Among others, she has organized programs for insurance companies, charities and several global, innovative e-commerce platforms. Martine has become an expert on intermediary liability. She advises on notice-and-takedown, (international) police requests, responsible disclosure and has represented a client in Strasbourg during the negotiations on amendments to the Convention on Cybercrime.


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