Bendert Zevenbergen

Academic Liaison at Princeton University

Bendert is a lawyer and has worked on legal, political and policy aspects of the information society for several years. Most recently he was a policy advisor to an MEP in the European Parliament, working on Europe’s Digital Agenda. Previously Bendert worked as an ICT lawyer and policy consultant in the Netherlands. Bendert holds a degree in law, specialising in Information Law. He is currently also a researcher at Oxford University, specialising in topics such as internet governance, copyright, virtual communities, privacy and related information society and policy issues. He is often in Brussels to keep pace with the policy developments.

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Mobile apps concept. Flat design vector illustration. Human hand with mobile phone, tablet, laptop and interface icons

Towards Meaningful AI Policy

The academic year in Princeton is starting, so I have enrolled to audit the computer science course...

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Smart TV vector

Back to the Never Ending Story of Copyright Law Reform

Five years after controversial legislation was rejected in Washington, DC. (SOPA/PIPA) and in...

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