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Leading expert in privacy, policy and IT law

Considerati is the leading expert in privacy, policy and IT law. Considerati provides legal, policy and communication advice to clients that want optimal performance in today's challenging society. Considerati helps clients to manage issues regarding privacy, cybercrime, copyright, e-commerce, ISP liability and the introduction of new technologies and innovations.Read More



Not properly handling personal data can become a risk for an organization's financial and competitive position as well as for its reputation. Considerati assists organizations in processing personal data responsibly and in compliance with laws and legislation.

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Public Affairs

Considerati helps its clients to create the proper ecosystem and public support for their products and services. With our extensive knowledge of law, technology and policy, and our large network, we are uniquely positioned to look after our clients' interests.

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IT law

Considerati assists organizations in answering legal questions regarding privacy, data protection, ISP liability, e-commerce, copyright and notice & takedown procedures. Additionally, Considerati helps clients with the introduction of new technologies and innovative services.

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Legal, Technical, and Common Sense Privacy

Legal, Technical, and Common Sense Privacy

15-09-2016Column by Bendert Zevenbergen, Internet Scientist @ Oxford Internet Institute and Academic Liaison @ ConsideratiThe...



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Bendert Zevenbergen LLM

EU affairs and policy advisor

Bendert Zevenbergen LLM EU Affairs Consultant


Whitepaper Privacy Statements

Privacy and data protection are increasingly in the public limelight....

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    "A mature, reliable and leading player in the young and dynamic field of IT and law"
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    "It is very impressive how they combine top class legal skills with diplomatic skills"
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